The mission of Thuy's Milonga: to be the FRIENDLY/COZY, ELEGANT place for social dancing

A "milonga" is an event where strangers and friends come to socialize and have conversations without words while experiencing the musical/emotional stories of Argentine Tango

We also introduce complete "2-left-feet" beginners who don't know how/where to start to discover the beautiful sensation of actually dancing through a surprisingly 'doable' path that is PERSONAL and without social press

Maja Petrovic and Marko Miljevic's performed for us at our big event in June 2022. The performance is totally improvised (no pre-designed choreography). Their dancing exemplifies the social dancing concept as we descirbed it, above

This year they come back to our place, May 5-7 where they will be actually teaching us, social dancers of all levels. Click below to find out details and register for the event